Sustainable Campus

As a socially-responsible institution and to fulfill our educational mission, CUHK is committed to being a leader in the research, teaching and institutional practice of environmental sustainability. Such commitment is reflected in the pledge made by the University in its Campus Master Plan to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. The University endeavours to reduce our environmental impact by incorporating sustainability in every aspect of campus life and operation.

Among all the work we are doing, we take great care to conserve the campus ecology and environment. The spacious 138.4-hectare campus of CUHK is not only home to its students and staff but also a myriad of trees, flowers, shrubs, butterflies, birds and other living creatures, including rare and precious species.

This lush and precious endowment is cherished by members of the University community. We have comprehensive policies and guidelines to engage everyone and cultivate an attitude towards green living. Living in harmony with the environment is a major theme of the education here.

Please visit our new central hub of information on the University's sustainability work and initiatives: