Capitalizing on CUHK international students to learn about English language education and use across the globe: 
A simple and sustainable IaH initiative

Department:  Curriculum and Instruction

Subject area: English Language Education 

Instructor: Prof Scott Aubrey and Prof Arthur Tsang 

ELED Internationalization Event 2021-2022

In an effort to equip students in the BA (English Studies) & BEd (English Language Education) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme (ELED students) with a more international vision and updated knowledge of English language use and education globally, an event was organized with the aim of fostering communication between international students, ELED students, and teaching staff. As part of this Internationalization in the Currilicum (IoC) funded project, the first “ELED Internationalization event” was completed successfully on 2nd October, 2021. ELED students, teachers, and guests were pleased to have learnt about the different facets of English language education and how English is used in Egypt, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan in highly interactive and entertaining ways. Through this exchange, both international students, local students and teachers gained an enhanced awareness of English language use and English language education practices outside of Hong Kong, realizing the spirit of Internationalization at Home (IaH).

CUHK staff/students interested in the materials for this event (e.g. PowerPoint slides) can contact Professor Scott Aubrey at

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