CUHK Research: Changing the world

Foreword 6
Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor 7
Message from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor 8
1. Technologies of the future 11
Surgical robotics: Philip Chiu and Samuel Au 12
Computer vision: Jiaya Jia 15
Logistics robotics: Liu Yunhui 18
Speech and language processing: Helen Meng and Patrick Wong 21
Network coding: Raymond Yeung 24
2. Innovation and discovery for health 27
The human microbiome: Francis Chan and Ng Siew-chien 28
Molecular diagnostics: Dennis Lo 31
Lung cancer treatment: Tony Mok 35
Digestive diseases: Jun Yu 37
Restorative medicine: Patrick Yung 40
3. Contributing to and for China 43
Art and China: Pedith Chan, Xu Xiaodong and Tong Yu 44
Digitising ancient Chinese texts for global impact: Ho Che-wah 47
Multiculturalism: Hong Ying-yi 50
Daoist studies: Lai Chi-tim 53
Chinese economy: Song Zheng 56
4. Tackling the challenges of sustainability 60
Geographic information science: Kwan Mei-po 61
Climate smart and sustainable agriculture: Lam Hon-ming 64
Green energy: Lu Yi-chun 67
Climate change and sustainable development: Amos Tai 70
5. Rising stars 73
Infectious diseases and viruses: Peter Cheung 74
Neuroscience and brain deterioration: Owen Ko 76
Gravitational-wave physics: Tjonnie Li 78
Cardiovascular immunology: Kathy Lui 80
Integrable systems, quantum symmetry and dualities: Michael McBreen 82
Palaeontology: Michael Pittman 84
6. Pathfinders 86
Special education: Catherine So 87
Sign language and deaf studies: Gladys Tang and Felix Sze 88
7. Global STEM Scholars 89