The Council


Dr. Leung Nai-pang, Norman


Dr. Chien Lee

Vice-Chancellor / President


Dr. Anthony Francis Neoh

Life members appointed by the Council

Dr. Lee Hon-chiu

Two members elected by the Board of Trustees of each College from among its own members*

Mr. Li Kwok-sing, Aubrey

Mr. Hau Wun-fai, Alfred

Mr. Leung Ying-wai, Charles

Mr. Heung Shu-fai

Ms. Yan Hau-yee, Lina

Mr. Lee Kwok-chung, Simon

Mr. Fung Siu-to, Clement

Mr. Fan Shi-hoo, Hamen

The Head of each College*

Prof. Fong Wing-ping

Prof. Wong Nai-ching, Henry

Prof. Yu Chai-mei, Jimmy

Prof. Chan Chi-fai, Andrew

The Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School

Prof. Tang Xiaobing

Prof. Zhou Lin

Prof. Leung Seung-ming, Alvin

Prof. Wong Ding-fat, Martin

Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff

Prof. Chan Ka-leung, Francis

Prof. Xie Zuowei

Prof. Chiu Chi-yue

Prof. Chan Tak-cheung, Anthony

One Fellow of each College elected by the College's Assembly of Fellows*

Prof. Shaw Pang-chui

Prof. Chan Sun-on

Prof. Huang Yu

Prof. Wu Che-yuen, Justin

Three members elected by the Senate from among the academic members of the Senate

Prof. Fung Tung

Prof. Lee Ho-man, Jimmy

Prof. Lo Yuk-ming, Dennis

Six persons nominated by the Chancellor

Ms. Kelly Chan Yuen-sau

Dr. Kenneth Chu Ting-kin

Dr. Koong May-kay, Maggie

Mr. Lee Kwan-ho, Vincent Marshall

Dr. Leung Nai-pang, Norman

Mr. Lo Dick-sang, Dickson

Three persons elected by the Members of the Legislative Council, other than Official Members, from among their own number




Not more than six other persons, normally resident in Hong Kong, who shall be elected by the Council

Dr. Ho Tzu-leung

Dr. Kwok Ping-luen, Raymond

Dr. Chien Lee

Dr. Leung Fung-yee, Anita

Mr. Liang Cheung-biu, Thomas

Mr. Luk Koon-hoo, Roger

Not exceeding three members elected by the Convocation from among its members

Mr. Lam Wai-hung, Enders

Ms. Liu Chiu Fun, Cynthia

Mr. Yuen Tak-tim, Anthony

Senior Adviser to the Council

Dr. Cheng Wai-kin, Edgar

Secretary of the Council

*In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College