The Senate

Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)

The Head of each College*

Professor Fong Wing-ping

Professor Henry N.C. Wong

Professor Jimmy Chai-mei Yu

Professor Freedom Y.K. Leung

The Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School

Professor Max Xiaobing Tang

Professor Zhou Lin

Professor Alvin S.M. Leung

Professor Martin D.F. Wong

Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff

Professor Chan Ka-leung

Professor Xie Zuowei

Professor Chiu Chi Yue

Professor Anthony Chan

Professors who carry the Chinese title of "講座教授", or Readers and any other professors who are determined by the Council to be of a grade equivalent to or higher than Readers in each Department in which there is no professor who carries the Chinese title of "講座教授"

Professor Anthony Chan

Professor Juliana C.N. Chan

Professor Chan Ka Leung

Professor Chan Kalok

Professor Chan Ngai Hang

Professor Chan Wai Yee

Professor Chen Zhenyu

Professor Fanny Cheung

Professor Ching Shuk Chi Emily

Professor Sudipto Dasgupta

Professor David Dernie

Professor T.F. Fok

Professor Tony Gin

Professor Hau Kit Tai

Professor Ho Che Wah

Professor Hong Ying Yi

Professor Vernon Hsu

Professor Huang Yong

Professor Hui Pak Ming

Professor Hui Shu Cheong, David

Professor Jiang Liwen

Professor Kwan Mei Po

Professor Lai Chi Tim

Professor Lai Pan Chiu

Professor Lam Hon Ming

Professor Linda Lam Chiu Wa

Professor Lau Cheungkong Frederick

Professor Lawrence J. Lau

Professor Lau Tak Fai Joseph

Professor Lau Yun Wong

Professor Law Shing Keung

Professor Icy Lee Kit Bing

Professor Lee Kuang Sheng Oscar

Professor Leo Lee Ou Fan

Professor Lee Tze Fan Diana

Professor Lee Yi Jen

Professor D.Y.M. Lo

Professor Gordon Mathews

Professor Meng Max Qing Hu

Professor H.K. Ng

Professor Ng Yan Yung

Professor Pai Hsien Yung, Kenneth

Professor Pan Haihua

Professor Pang Lai Kwan

Professor Qin Ling

Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung

Professor Clement Tham

Professor Tsang Hon Ki

Professor Benjamin W. Wah

Professor Wing Yun Kwok

Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff

Professor Wong Patrick Chun Man

Professor Stephen H.S. Wong

Professor Wong Wang Chi

Professor Wu Chi

Professor Xia Keqing

Professor Xie Zuowei

Professor Xin Zhouping

Professor C.N. Yang

Professor Andrew C.C. Yao

Professor Yau Shing Tung

Professor Raymond Yeung

Professor Yu Jiu Kang

Professor Simon Yu

Professor Zee Chung Ying Benny

Professor Zhang Junsen

Professor Zhao Guoping

Department Chairmen and Directors of Studies if not a member under the last category

Professor Chai Ching Sing

Professor Chair Sek Ying

Professor Chan Chun Kit

Professor David Chan

Professor Chan Man Lok Andrew

Professor Paul K.S. Chan

Professor Joseph Cheng

Professor Alan Cheung

Professor Cheung Kam Ching Leo

Professor Waiman Cheung

Professor Fung Hoi Lam Helene

Professor Fung Tung

Professor Gu Zhaoyang

Professor Jette Hansen Edwards

Professor Gavin Joynt

Dr. Jose Lai

Professor Lai Ming Chiu

Professor Lee Lap Fung

Dr. Leung Mei Yee

Professor T.Y. Leung

Professor Leung Ting Fan

Professor Leung Ting Hung

Professor Liao Wei Hsin

Professor Lo Wing Hung Carlos

Professor Lyu Rung Tsong Michael

Professor Tony Mok

Professor Ng Wai Ming

Professor Ngai Sek Yum Steven

Professor Sit Hui Ping

Professor Siu Fung Ying Angela

Professor Song Xinyuan

Professor Tam Hong Wing

Professor Tam Wai Lun

Professor Tang Sze Wing

Professor K. F. To

Professor Tong Kai Yu

Professor Michael Tong

Professor Tse Chi Shing

Professor Frank Vigneron

Professor Wong Ka Chat Andrew

Professor Wong Kam Bo

Professor Wong Yeung Shan Samuel

Professor Yeung Ying Yeung

Professor Yu Jeffrey Xu

Professor Yung Shu Hang Patrick

Professor Zhong Hua

Professor Zou Jun

Professor Zuo Zhong

Director of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Dr. Chan Po On Ella

Two Fellows of each College elected by the College's Assembly of Fellows*

Professor Chan Lai Wan

Professor Ko Wing Hung

Professor Chan Sun On

Professor Jimmy H. M. Lee

Professor Tang Leung Sang Nelson

Professor Lau Hang Yung Alaster

Professor Chan Wood Yee Woody

Professor Joyce Ma

Registrar (Member & Secretary)

Ms. Kitty Yu


Ms. Louise Jones

University Dean of Students

Professor Chan Kwok Hong Raymond

President of the University Students Union

Miss Yip Tsz Huen

One student of each Faculty elected by, and from among, full-time students in that Faculty pursuing approved courses of study for a degree at the University

Mr. Ho Ho Kan Nicholas
(Faculty of Arts)

Miss Wong Yuet Ching
(Faculty of Medicine)

Mr. Ng Man Ho
(Faculty of Social Science)

One student representing the Students Union of each College elected by, and from among, full-time students pursuing approved courses of study for a degree at the University, who are members of that Students Union*

Miss Ho Sze Hang
(Chung Chi College)

Mr. So Wing Kin
(New Asia College)

Miss Chan Wing Tung Jessica
(United College)

Mr. Leung Hing Chun
(Shaw College)

*In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College