1. Webinar: Impacts of Fault Zone Structure and Fluid Injection on Earthquakes (2020.11)

Software Package

  1. Tutorials in seismic data processing, developed by our group (under development)
  2. Scripts for processing dense array data (provided by Junhao Song)
  3. Prof. Yang's talk on Imaging Fault Zones Using Dense Seismic Arrays
  4. DynTriPy :a package for detecting dynamic earthquake triggering (Yun et al., 2019, GRL)

Online Training Modules

  1. CUSeisTut - Online Tutorials on Seismic Data Processing

Data Product

  1. Dynamic rupture model for the 2012 Nicoya Mw 7.6 earthquake (Yao and Yang, 2020, GRL)
  2. Relocated earthquake catalogs in the Weiyuan shale gas field, Sichuan, China

Scientific Talks

  1. Prof. Yang’s talk on scientific writing: KIDs
  2. Prof. Yang’s talk in DeTect Talk Series: Can we predict earthquakes from interseismic locking distribution?

Outreaching: Scientific articles in “格震至源”

We have created a WeChat Official Account named "格震至源" and published a few articles in plain language (in Chinese) in order to promote the communications between scientific and public communities. In these articles we introduce a variety of scientific questions in seismology and relevant fields. The following is an incomplete list. For a complete list and update, please subscribe by scanning the QR code. Feedbacks from readers are always welcome.

  1. “举重若轻”的断层
  2. 诱发地震的“气剑”之争
  3. 7月12日唐山5.1级地震是余震吗?
  4. 擒龙功:神乎其技的地震远程触发
  5. 潜入马里亚纳海沟-人类极限挑战
  6. 倚天长剑飞寒芒:地震学中的利器
  7. 屠龙宝刀生玄光:全球地震台网GSN
  8. 温润岫岩玉,奇妙蛇纹岩
  9. 小龙女跳崖:深渊之下有奇迹
  10. 那些年读过的金庸
  11. 后发先至:跑赢时间的地震预警
  12. 原来地震是这么回事儿
  13. 地震的能量都去哪儿了?

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