Webinar: Impacts of Fault Zone Structure and Fluid Injection on Earthquakes

Session 1, Date: 14th Nov. 2020

Talk 1

  • Speaker: Yajing Liu     Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair
  • Institute: Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University
  • Title: Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Earthquakes in Western Canada: Source Properties and Hazard Implications
  • Slides for the talk

Talk 2

  • Speaker: Xiaowei Chen     Stubbeman-Drace Presidential Associate Professor
  • Institute: School of Geosciences, the University of Oklahoma
  • Title: Induced Seismicity in the Mid-continent of the United States
  • Slides for the talk

Talk 3

  • Speaker: Xinglin Lei     Senior Researcher
  • Institute: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Title: Current Status and Issues of Research on Induced Earthquakes in Sichuan Basin
  • Slides for the talk

Session 2, Date: 16th Nov. 2020 (in Chinese)

Talk 4

  • Speaker: 王毛毛     副教授
  • Institute: 河海大学海洋学院
  • Title: 四川盆地威远背斜的构造模型,演化及其再活化

Talk 5

  • Speaker: 廖宗湖     副教授
  • Institute: 中国石油大学(北京)地球科学学院
  • Title: 四川盆地威远页岩气开发区地震的构造地质背景

Talk 6

  • Speaker: 储日升     研究员,博士生导师
  • Institute: 中国科学院精密测量科学与技术创新研究院
  • Title: 四川威远地区水压致裂诱发地震震源参数研究

Talk 7

  • Speaker: 张海江     教授
  • Institute: 中国科学技术大学地球和空间科学学院
  • Title: Fluid Diffusion Induced Seismicity in the Changning Shale Gas Area Inferred from Seismic and Injection Data Analysis

Part of the Q&A During the Conference