Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Memorial Awards


73 entries for the Awards have been received this year, a record number since the Awards' inception. After three rounds of screening, three papers have been selected for the Awards, while one received the honorable mention. The details are as follows:

Adjudicators (in alphabetical order):
  Mary Fung, Wang Kefei, Lawrence Wang-chi Wong.

Winners (for articles published in the year 2009 in alphabetical order):

  Cui Wendong (School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong)
Politics vs. Poetics: A Study of Chinese Translations of Robinson Crusoe in Late Qing Period (in Chinese), Journal of Translation Studies, 11:2 (2008), published in 2009.

Sher-shiueh Li (Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica)
A Ming Lady with Three Faces: Mary As Seen in Alfonso Vagnoni's Shengmu xingshi (in Chinese), Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, 2009:34.

Xia Xiaohong (Department of Chinese, Peking University)
Encyclopedia of World's Famous Women and Biography of Foreign Heroines in Late Qing Period (in Chinese), Journal of Peking University, Philosophy and social sciences, 2009:2.

Special Mention

  George K.W. Mak (Department of East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge)
Manager in China of British and Foreign Bible Society and the Chinese translation of the Union Bible (in Chinese), Journal of the History of Christianity in Modern China, VIII (2008/2009), published in 2009.

RCT wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate all the above individuals who will each receive notification and be prsented with an award certificate. We would also like to thank all the scholars who have sent in their papers or nominations. We look forward to your support and participation in future events at RCT.
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