Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Memorial Awards 2013

Adjudicators (in alphabetical order):

Chu Chi Yu, Theodore Huters, Wang Kefei, Lawrence Wang-chi Wong.


  Hung-Shu Chen (Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University)
Predecessors of Ai de jiaoyu (Education of Love): The Translation History from Cuore to Xin'er jiuxueji (Xin's Journal about School Life), Studies in Translation History, Vol. 2 (2012).

Special Mention

  Shaw-Yu Pan (Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University)
Literary Genealogy and Cultural Adaptations of the Victorian Dream of the Red Chamber: Late Qing Translated Novel Hongleiying, Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature N.T.U., Vol. 39 (2012).
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