Council Committees

Council Committees

Campus Development Committee

The Campus Development Committee advises the Council on matters relating to the planning and physical development of University facilities, and recommends updates of the Campus Master Plan. The Committee provides input into the tender specifications and tenders for the appointment of consultants and contractors for projects recommended to Council for approval, monitors the time, cost, quality and functionality of all facility projects approved and reports to the Council on the same, and reviews all Council/Council Committee policies relevant to campus planning. The Committee also assists Management in its negotiations with Government and other statutory authorities and relevant stakeholders in the community in connection with campus planning matters.



Mr. Eric S.C. Ma


Prof. Nelson Chen
Mr. Stewart K.C. Cheng
Mr. Peter Kung
Prof. Kwan Mei-po
Mrs. Sylvia K.W. Yu Lam
Prof. Vincent C.T. Mok
Mr. Dominic Y.T. Pang
Mr. Edmond K.Y. Yue


Mr. Li Sing-cheung
Updated on 1 April 2024