Council Committees

Council Committees

Knowledge Transfer Committee

The Knowledge Transfer Committee supports the University in maximizing its impact to society through knowledge transfer while maintaining proper governance to ensure public accountability, and advises the Council in developing the University's policies and strategies on knowledge transfer. The Committee also governs such outreach activities, including consulting, entrepreneurship, intellectual property transfer, funding support, or otherwise, the engagement in any form of business activity, receives periodic reports from the management on the performance of the University's performance in knowledge transfer initiatives and activities, and provides advice and opinion on matters relating to knowledge transfer at the request of the Vice-Chancellor or the Council.


Mr. Nicholas H.F. Chan


Prof. Chan Wai-yee
Mrs. Ann Y.C. Yeung Kung
Prof. Lam Hon-ming
The Honourable Lau Kwok-fan
Prof. Helen M.L. Meng
Prof. Sham Mai-har
Mr. Albert H.K. Wong
Prof. Wong Wing-shing


Prof. Benny Zee
Updated on 1 April 2024