Council Committees

Council Committees

Executive Committee of the Council

The Executive Committee of the Council advises and makes recommendations to the Council on strategic matters for discussion at Council, and recommends suitable candidates, for approval/consideration by the Council, to serve as members of the Council committees. The Committee also gives consent, on delegated authority by Council, for the appointments of Directors of University wholly-owned companies and their subsidiaries where applicable, and appoints advisers to sit on Boards or Trustees that are related to the University.


Prof. John Y. Chai


Mr. Eric C.B. Chan
Mr. Nicholas H.F. Chan
Prof. Alan K.L. Chan
Dr. Norman T.L. Chan
Mr. Dennis C.I. Chow
Mr. Peter Kung
Dr. Luk Che-chung
Mr. Eric S.C. Ma
Prof. Rocky S. Tuan


Mrs. Amelia Wong
Updated on 1 April 2024