Enrichment Programmes

CUHK's student enrichment programmes include:

Global Internship Programme

Under the Global Internship Programme, students are taken to world cities such as Brussels, Dublin, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver as well as mainland China, and Asian cities where they are attached to corporations for internship training. Participants gain valuable experience both professionally and culturally, and make long-lasting friendships with their employers and colleagues in the host countries.

Mentorship Programmes

The various mentorship programmes at college, faculty, school, departmental or programme levels expand students' horizon, enhance their interpersonal skills, and widen their human networks. By teaming up with their mentors, who may be alumni or volunteers but all seasoned professionals and leaders in Hong Kong, students learn about the practices and ethics of different sectors and professions, and receive advice on intellectual development and career choices.

Summer Programmes

The summer break is an opportune time for CUHK students to pursue a variety of curricular or extracurricular programmes. Students can go on field trips or overseas study or research trips, engage in cultural exposure or service learning, or enrol in summer courses in Hong Kong or abroad. During the summer, other local students and overseas students come for the summer programmes and enrich the international flavour of the campus. Summer Institute is also available for senior high school students during summer break.