Research Resources

The University is committed to encouraging faculty members and students to build research collaboration with a view to raising its international standing and advancing the frontiers of research and technology. This webpage serves as a one-stop shop to facilitate access to information on research funding opportunities, academic exchange schemes, research resources and services available, both within and beyond the University.

Funding Schemes for Academic Exchanges and Visits

Faculty members are encouraged to make use of the schemes for exchanges and visits to strengthen their international research network and engagement.

For CUHK faculty members For visiting faculty members

Funding Schemes for Conference Organizing and Participation

Faculty members are encouraged to utilize the schemes to strengthen their exposure and research network through organizing and participating in academic conferences.

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Funding Schemes for Research Projects

Faculty members are encouraged to identify suitable grants to build research and promote collaboration.

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Research Administration and Support Services

The Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS) at CUHK supports researchers and their collaborators with a wide range of services and promotes knowledge development and transfer. Some of the services provided by ORKTS are shown below.

Commercialization of Research

The Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services facilitates the development and licensing of the University's intellectual property and supports knowledge transfer via community projects and programmes.

Funding Schemes for Research Attachment

The University encourages its students and postdocs to utilize research schemes and funding schemes for research attachments, locally and internationally, to promote research excellence.

For CUHK students/postdocs For visiting students/postdocs

CUHK actively pursues collaborations with institutions throughout the world to strengthen and complement its research excellence. The University has established a number of institutional-level research collaborations that are of strategic value. The following is a highlight of some of the current international collaborations.

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Research collaborations between the two universities have been robust. There is a CUHK-UU Joint Centre for Language, Mind and Brain, a joint research programme in musculoskeletal research and regenerative medicine, and a CUHK-University Medical Center Utrecht Joint Research Laboratory of Respiratory Virus and Immunobiology. A tripartite partnership has been formed among CUHK, Utrecht University, and University of Toronto to address issues related to public health, cities, and migration.

The University of Sydney, Australia

CUHK has long and close collaboration with the University of Sydney in various research areas including cardiology, diabetes, digital media, and law. Besides, both universities are members of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and Planetary Health Alliance. The two universities established the Analytic and Clinical Cooperative Laboratory for Integrative Medicine to bring new technologies and practices for the development of treatments that combine western and Chinese medicine and the USyd-CUHK Partnership Collaboration Awards to support joint initiatives that will strengthen the two universities' strategic priorities.

University of Cambridge, UK

The links between CUHK and the University of Cambridge date back to the late 1990s. There have been partnerships in place for multi-faceted collaborations, including the Clare Hall Visiting Fellowships, Cambridge-CUHK Joint Laboratory for Bilingualism, and collaboration in autism neuroscience.

University of Exeter, UK

The University of Exeter has identified CUHK as a strategic partner in Hong Kong and a number of collaborations have been undertaken in the recent years, including research on clinical psychology, joint projects in environment and health, the PROTECT Study in Hong Kong (CUHK is the local academic partner), and the CUHK–Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE).

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