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Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Center (MRC)

Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Centre

Directors: Professor Philip Chiu and Professor Samuel Au
Non-local Collaborating Institutions: ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, and Johns Hopkins University

The Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Center (MRC) laboratory is positioned to enable translational research on and productisation of novel surgical robotic technologies, through the R&D programmes of Endoluminal Multiscale Robotic Platforms for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Magnetic-guided Endoluminal Robotic Platform, and Imaged-Guided Robotics Intervention. The Hybrid Operating Room of the MRC Lab, equipped with MRI and Robotic-Assisted C-Arm X-ray Imaging System (Artis Zeego) machines, enables real-time, intra-operational medical imaging during surgical robotics interventions R&D, which is a one-of-its-kind facility in Asia that is fully dedicated to R&D and pre-clinical evaluations of new surgical robots and medical devices via live animal and cadaveric studies.

MRC is well connected with industry, and serves as a synergistic platform for clinicians, engineers, and researchers from local and overseas top-rank universities to contribute their efforts through transdisciplinary collaborations, to enable the acceleration of new IP generations, pre-clinical evaluations and the commercialisation of novel surgical robots, and to ultimately benefit patients and communities worldwide.